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    Designer:吳協衡/楊以勤|Balance Wu / Chin Yang


    Use the material pulp, which usually used for packing, to become speakers.
    Recently, environmental issues is very popular attention, by design, we can make packing materials more useful and
    Designer:吳協衡/楊以勤|Balance Wu / Chin Yang


    Mug combine Flash Driver, the bigger mug means the large capacity.
    project 1 project 1
    Designer:吳協衡/楊以勤|Balance Wu / Chin Yang


    How often do you use a flash disk?Each time you use it is for how long?Abstract time into concrete, so you will know you more often use computers.
    Designer:吳協衡/楊以勤|Balance Wu / Chin Yang


    Use blister to be the metal of lights.
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    Designer:林銘煌/毛迦霖/鐘孟璇/林憶婷|Ming-Huang Lin/Chia-Lin Mao/Meng-Hsuan Chung/Yi-Ting Lin


    Time plant is a biological clock which interacts with people's action. As its name, the clock act like a plant and growth as the rhythm of time. It captures the color and moves then dye and interact itself with the viewer.Time plant is a biological clock which interacts with people's action. As its name, the clock act like a plant and growth as the rhythm of time. It captures the color and moves then dye and interact itself with the viewer.

    Project:瞬息之間|In the twinkling of an eye
    Designer:林銘煌/黃如薇/夏承捷/林俊全|Ming-Huang Lin/Cherng-Jye Shiah/Ju-Wei Huang/Chun-Chuan Lin


    "In the twinkling of an eye" is a concept product which use of iron powder to present the image of an hourglass, as a symbol of rebirth and the elapsing of the time.The existence of time is relative, it passed away at the moment we saw, time goes by day after day, regenerated and disappeared in between the repeated.
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    Project:原時|Times of Life
    Designer:林銘煌/黃如薇/夏承捷/林俊全|Ming-Huang Lin/Cherng-Jye Shiah/Ju-Wei Huang/Chun-Chuan Lin


    "Time of Life" is a concept product which represents the heartbeat of life. Life may refer to the ongoing process of which living things are a part, and the period of time between the birth and death depends on the circle of life. "Time of Life" not only expresses the vitality of a clock but also symbolizes the origin of life.
    Designer:黃志偉/鍾毓珊 |Erix Huang/Sunny Chung


    [角]– drives from a mix of record player and horn. The prototype is horn and the shape shows sounds volume from minor to grand.
    The material ceramic is really amazing smoothly touching.
    [角] melted into life naturally, jumped out high-tech estrangement that getting people away. Wherever it is, you can hear music from [角]
    enjoying the wonderful life.
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    Project:看見大小聲|Visual Volume
    Designer:黃匯方|Funny Huang


    The more it opens, the louder it sounds. Fully close the cover, the speaker will be turned off.
    Designer:陳永鴻|Hans Chen


    Technology makes living more convenient at the same time people who rely on them become dependent of them.
    Group of people use means of destroying as a way of resisting technology overload.
    Designer does so by using a humorous approach as a metaphor in comparison to people's technological indulgence.
    Assassinate USB, assassinate your precious NB.
    project 1 project 1
    Project:翻頁鐘|Flip 'Flip Clock
    Designer:林銘煌/蔡斯遠/鍾張齡/陳新翰/莊凱婷|Ming-Huang Lin/Jang-Ling Jong/Hsin-Han Chen/Si-Yuan Tasi/Kai-ting Chuang


    The flip timetable of Taipei Main Station records the track of passengers of this city over 20 years, the distinctive flip sound is the common reminiscence of the people.Although today the flip timetable is uncompetitive with LED timetable, we still want to try to keep the reminiscent event of old technique, to merge it with contemporary technology.Our concept is to translate the LED pixel into flip-board mechanism, each flip-board module represents a pixel, of which includes 24 boards with different colors, therefore with totally 140 modules controlled by computer, it can display a dot matrix clock image.
    Project:看不見鐘|UNSEEN clock
    Designer:林銘煌/蔡斯遠/鍾張齡/陳新翰/莊凱婷|Ming-Huang Lin/Jang-Ling Jong/Hsin-Han Chen/Si-Yuan Tasi/Kai-ting Chuang

    時光的流動令人捉摸不定但又無法否認它的存在,看不見摸不到卻又強而有力地運轉著,其無法具體感知的消逝,人類文明中抽象的共同意識,從古至今就這麼懸浮著,若有似無地卻又帶動著世界的運轉。時間在Oil clock 中依然遵循著它千萬年以來的步調持續走著,不是那麼理所當然,時間的如何及為何而動,不可見的意識轉為可見,但,又沒看到什麼。
    The existence of the time is untouchable and you can not deny. The time running dynamically, but you couldn't see and touch. You can not perceive the fading concretely and the abstract in common consciousness among humanity which is suspending、ambiguous and revolving around the world till today.
    The time runs with its own rhythm for thousand year in the ''Unseen ClocK''. Why and how the time moving? When the conscious of invisible transform into visible. Thus, you can see nothing.
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    Designer:施懿芳|Ifang Shih


    In the daytime, this product can save and supply power for our cell phone or MP3. And it can be a lamp at night. The main material is wood. the wood spread their fragrance far and wide.
    Project:線生活|Cord Living
    Designer:張俊元|Jeff Chang


    Unlimited expansion of the wire flows around at home. The extension cord can provide space where the wire can reside in , it also like a moveable house or a shopping bag. We can examine the electricity costs right away and avoid wasting surplus of electricity when we plug in the socket.
    project 1 project 1
    Designer:汪宗慶/劉凱明|Stanley Wang/Kenny Liu


    Hidden the emergency light in the familiar corner of house. Uniting doorstop and lighting function, and easy to be gotten in the dark.
    Project:娘娘槍|Pistol Light
    Designer:石筱君|Ketty Shih


    Reality is as if a war zone, life is as exaggerating as a movie.
    When the time needing a flash light is always the time of black-out, be ready!
    Bring in this intensity into reality, live your life splendidly as God father.
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    Project:爆破任務|Mission Explode
    Designer:徐嘉駿|Mike Hsu


    Our life now is full of electronic appliance and more over being scheduled around them.
    How can we get away from all this? Let them explode! Stop all power supply, let us not be surrounded by electric appliance any more.
    Designer:施柏仰|Po Yang Shih


    This is a very simple DVD player.
    There is only one AV terminal and one HDMI connector.The remote control has only Menu and several play buttons.
    DVD players in the market are always too complexity, this DVD player is very simple and you can place it anywhere, no matter hanging on the wall or in the corner.The width is 43 cm and there are many colors and materials, so that it can fit into our home environment.
    project 1
    Designer:趙士鑫|Sushi Chao

    人們應該, 需要或在乎切確的時間嗎? 縱使時鐘上有時針分針秒針, 但人們對於它們卻有不同的態度: 人在乎正確的時; 傾向5倍數的分, 如5分, 10分, 15分等 ;絕大部分都不需要秒. 24H依對人們的重要性顯示出關於時間的資訊: 24個時, 5倍數的分, 沒有秒.

    Should people know the accurate time? Or do people need or care it? There are hour, minute, and second hands on the clock, but people see hour, minute, and second with different attitudes: ones always need the accurate hour, tend to carry minute to be multiple of 5, and usually don't need precise second. 24H tells time depends on how important for people: 24-hour, 5X-minute, and no-second.